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Hajnal, Henry, The Danube: Its historical, political and economic importance, The Hague: M. Nijhoff, 1920

Nezhin  Galatz  Braila  
Urban Landscape - Geography  Economy and Infrastructure  Culture and Communities  Administration  
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This article mentions the role of the Danube as an economic, political and social factor of Europe in the 19th century/ Το άρθρο αναφέρεται στο ρόλο του Δούναβη ως οικονομικός, πολιτικός και κοινωνικός παράγοντας της Ευρώπης το 19ο αιώνα. 

Özveren, Y. Eyüp. 1997. “A Framework for the Study of the Black Sea World, 1789-1915”. Review (fernand Braudel Center) 20 (1). Research Foundation of SUNY: 77–113.

Varna  Trabzon  Theodosia  Taganrog  Sinop  Sevastopol  Samsun  Rostov on Don  Odessa  Novorossiysk  Nikolayev  Mariupol  Kherson  Kerch  Istanbul/Constantinople  Giresun  Galatz  Evpatoria  Constantza  Burgas  Braila  Berdyansk  Batoum  
Shipping  Economy and Infrastructure  Culture and Communities  Administration  
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Studies of the nineteenth-century Ottoman and Russian Empires as well as of the numerous nation-states that came into existence around the Black Sea have mostly been pursued separately. This article attempts to offer an alternative framework of analysis for the study of the Black Sea world during the nineteenth century. It starts off from Femand Braudel's approach to the sixteenth-century Mediterranean world in order to discuss whether and to what extent the Black Sea region could also be conceived as a world. Not only structural similarities but also historically-specific circumstances are emphasized for supporting the parallel drawn between the sixteenth-century Mediterranean and the nineteenth-century Black Sea. A number of further intellectual questions are raised in order to demonstrate that a holistic perspective has much to offer for re-directing academic research into more promising problem areas.

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